Welcome to FlightAirMap

Display flights on map

Flights are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map (OpenStreetMap, Google Map, Bing, Yandex,...). Airports are also available on map.

Free & Open Source

FlightAirMap is available under Apache License 2.0.

Many sources can be used

Real flights using ADS-B (SBS, Dump1090, ModeSmixer,...) or virtual flights from IVAO or VATSIM.

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FlightAirMap includes:

  • Statistics for airlines, aircrafts, airports,...
  • Schedules informations for real flights
  • ACARS messages support
  • Archive of old flights
  • METAR and NOTAM support
  • Many sources can be used : ADS-B, VATSIM, IVAO, phpVMS, Glidernet,...
  • 3D map using Cesium
  • Several sources can be used at the same time
  • Support MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL as DB
  • Multi-language support (english and french for now)

FlightAirMap is a free and Open Source PHP application displaying fligths on a map from source of your choice.


Airspace and archived view available 9.11.2016 13:50

Airspace is now available in FlightAirMap in a Beta state. Screenshot_20161109_143636.png

Flight archived can now be displayed on 3D view. Screenshot_20161109_143346.png

NOTAM 18.10.2016 15:01

NOTAM is now available for the entire world.


Satellites support now available 4.10.2016 12:10

Satellites can now be displayed in 3D world. Screenshot_20161004_122351.png Screenshot_20161004_123232.png

After flights in 3D, satellites are coming 29.9.2016 10:45

Now that 3D flights in a 3D world are available in FlightAirMap...



... satellites are coming soon. Screenshot_20160929_120314.png (GPS constellation)

FlightAirMap in 3D 29.8.2016 08:54

FlightAirMap in 3D using Cesium is in development. All flights can be displayed using 3D models : Screenshot_20160829_103123.png

You can also see what is near the flight : Screenshot_20160829_103228.png

There is lot of work needed to make it really usable : this is too slow with about 500 flights, there is not enough 3D models, flights should animate between update,...